CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work

CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work

Who is this online course for?

This CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work mirrors the pivotal role of individuals tasked with shaping and overseeing programs and services catered to young people. These programs, channelled through various agencies, are meticulously crafted to resonate with the social, behavioural, health, welfare, developmental, and protection facets of young lives. While these roles are predominantly anchored in community, governmental, and welfare agencies, their impact reverberates across the entire youth community.

At the heart of a youth worker’s mission lies the commitment to engage directly with children and young adults. Their role is to fortify these young minds, nurturing their skills, fostering positive social interactions, and guiding them towards decisions that harmonise with their best interests. Central to this vocation is the possession of sterling interpersonal abilities, a judicious non-prejudicial outlook, acute sensitivity, adaptability, and the fortitude to remain composed during tense moments.

Our CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work accentuates the significance of proficient case management, coupled with the art of crafting enriching programs and activities. Given the intense and often challenging nature of the role, we believe learners should bring a reservoir of emotional resilience and maturity to the table.

What will you learn online?

In our CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work, explore the intricacies of engaging with varied groups of young individuals. The curriculum emphasises mastering case management and designing effective programs and activities tailored to their needs.

We empower you with the knowledge to pinpoint young individuals at potential risk and equip you with strategies to navigate legal and ethical dilemmas. Furthermore, our CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work introduces foundational counselling techniques and insights to support those grappling with mental health challenges.

Embrace the profound journey of understanding and guiding the youth, and emerge as a skilled advocate for their well-being.

Possible career opportunities

  • Community Development Manager
  • Youth Program Manager
  • Youth Services Coordinator
  • Youth and Family Services Manager
  • Youth Housing Support Manager
  • Youth Mental Health Manager
  • Juvenile Justice Manager

Upcoming Programs

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Diploma of Youth Work - Monday Evenings - 2023-2024 25/09/2023 09/02/2025 $7,995.00

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